15(c) Board Services
ISS Market Intelligence's 15(c) Board Services division supports the compliance and due diligence efforts of management teams and boards of directors by combining data, perspective, and research to deliver unmatched insight and analytics.

Our 15(c) Board Services team brings 20 years of expertise from calculating and analyzing expense ratios that is demonstrated in our in-depth fee research and daily reviews of all new SEC filings. Through an intensive research process, results provide more accurate peer grouping and the most reliable fee data in the industry.
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Large Growth Fund Mutual Fund Investment Management Advisory Contract Renewal Report
About 15(c) Board Services
15(c) Services Include:
On-Site Board Presentations:
  • On-Site Board Presentations
  • Contractual advisory fee breakpoint analysis
  • Contractual advisory fee category benchmarking
On-site presentations to Boards of Directors are led by senior analysts with specialized expertise in critical areas as product innovation, distribution, sub-advisor oversight, variable annuities and asset management.
  • Subadvised funds: Benchmarking economies of scale
  • Management fee analysis
  • Board compensation and structure
  • Funds closed to new investors and 12b-1 fees
Presentations are customized per client, combining general industry trends with specialized topics specified in prior consultations.
15(c) Review Features:
Annual External Fund Distribution Costs Analysis:
  • Analysis of External Fund Distribution Costs Annual Study
  • Fee benchmarking for all mutual funds, including underlying funds for variable annuities
  • Incorporated internal fund level data provided by the fund management company
  • Independent research and production from a trusted third party
  • Standardized peer group methodology, which can be augmented to fine-tune the identification of peer funds
  • Incorporated internal fund level data provided by the fund management company
The annual Analysis of External Fund Distribution Costs report provides critical data and analysis around payment streams between fund managers and distributors – including sub-TA fees, revenue sharing and more. It provides unique benchmarking of these costs across distribution channels, as well as analysis of key profitability metrics to help drive efficient distribution. Learn more

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15(c) Board Services