529 Industry Analysis Report
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The annual 529 Industry Analysis report is the only dedicated 529 source in the marketplace that explains how to get more families to save with your 529 plan from a demographic, legislative, product, marketing and distribution perspective based on a proprietary survey of parents. The main purpose of this report is to provide college savings industry participants with a qualitative and quantitative analysis of key trends that we believe will drive industry growth and your plan’s growth over the next five years. Along the way, this reports tackles the sizable task of outlining actionable steps to help product providers restructure their products, marketing, and distribution to better align with the demands of investors, employers, and advisers, and, thus, improve growth rates of both their plans and the industry.

The report is built from results of a proprietary survey that utilizes a choice model method that maps the target market into three categories: 529 users, non-529 college savers and non-savers. This approach provides firms with legislative, product, marketing and distribution strategies  to convert non-college savers to college savers, college savers to 529 users and 529 users to 529 power users. Respondents to the survey include 1,000+ U.S. households with children under the age of 18. Subscribers not only receive a PDF of the report and Excel client files of charts, but also dedicated support with our 529 research specialist.
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Key Themes
  • Business intelligence on how 529 product providers and distributors should position their legislative, product, market and distribution strategy for growth, based on proprietary survey results.
  • SECURE Act, K-12 tuition, Tax Reform, employer channel and other legislative initiatives are evaluated through new dedicated survey questions.
  • In-depth analysis of the demographics of 529 users, non-529 savers and non-savers, and the most efficient engagement strategies through the direct, advisor, gifting and employer channels.
  • Analysis of the broadening of college financial planning to include saving, playing and repaying college expenses, as well as 529 industry projections and themes by channel.
  • New questions benchmarking demand for product providers and plan sponsors to set up college financial planning employee benefits, and how to more efficiently engage the corporate channel.
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529 Industry Analysis