2020 | Fund Sales Benchmarking Report
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The Fund Sales Benchmarking report incorporates 10+ years of historic trend data and provides unique data on sales by share class type and distribution channel, along with a breakout of activity at ten leading broker-dealers. It is based on a proprietary survey of mutual fund managers, who last year reported over $550 billion of gross fund sales.

This study details share class usage within defined contribution investment only and wrap programs, and it benchmarks sales growth within eight distribution channels, including broker-dealers and RIAs. The analysis also sheds light on topics such as the use of zero/zero shares within retail accounts, the future of brokerage share classes, and the impact of regulation.

Key Questions Answered
  • What share classes are required within fee-based platforms and DCIO today, and how might demand change in the future?
  • How has the use of zero/zero classes expanded within retail accounts and what are the prospects for further growth?
  • What is the future trajectory of commissionable sales?
  • How are relationships with broker dealers evolving and what is the effect on fund firms’ bottom line?
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