Hooker & Holcombe 2019 Municipal Pension & OPEB Report
Puzzled by how your pension & OPEB plans stack up against other municipal plans?

Hooker & Holcombe (H&H) has been working with municipalities to consult, design, and administer pension and OPEB plans since it opened its doors in 1956. Today, more than half (51%) of Connecticut’s municipalities work with H&H in some capacity. Whether we’re helping create, modernize, merge or terminate a plan, our dedication and years of experience have helped literally hundreds of thousands of municipal employees realize a comfortable retirement. 

H&H’s pension & OPEB experts analyzed approximately 200 municipal pension plans representing over 70,000 participants and more than $11 billion in pension fund assets, and over 180 municipal OPEB plans with more than 110,000 participants and $8 billion in actuarial accrued liability. The information was based on data extracted from the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs). 

The analysis includes findings such as:
  • Statistics and trends relating to funded ratios
  • Mortality assumptions
  • Amortization schedules
  • Investment returns, and more
Discover how your municipal pension & OPEB plans compare to other municipal plans. Complete the form to get the report.
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