How a Custodian Started Up a Fintech Solution for CIOs
Learn how Northern Trust Front Office Solutions developed a data integration solution for CIOs.

Asset allocators struggle to harness portfolio data in a way that efficiently and effectively supports their investment process. Comprehensive, high-quality, nimble and accessible data: that’s the objective. Most asset owners find themselves at an inflection point with their infrastructure, and need to modernize quickly.

With sizeable allocations to illiquid assets that aren’t traded on an exchange, such as private equity and hedge funds, real estate and other alternative investments, mission-driven organizations have unique needs that are not supported in an efficient way by asset servicers - whose systems were designed and built for more traditional investment classes. An incomplete data model means investment professionals are forced to spend valuable time enriching the positions with data, cobbled together from multiple sources. Teams spend a significant amount of time gathering this data on their alternative investments, scrubbing it, and formatting it to build risk and liquidity profiles that support portfolio stress-testing, exposure analysis, and forecasting.

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